A Neil Diamond Show

December 12 1998; a second Neil Diamond show running onstage with a ‘Beautiful Noise’ and it was a (Brother Love’s) ‘Traveling Salvation Show’ Over two hours of music from start to finish a blast I hated for it to ever end the time it went so fast Black pants, blue shirt, black guitar and loads of rock and roll a wave and a wink from Vince it was like a…

October 5, 2014


Out of the darkness and into ‘Headed for the Future’ 1987 was the first show a silver shimmering glimmer then he bursts thru a twenty song set and every song that you know Dancing to ‘Cherry, Cherry’ swaying to ‘Sweet Caroline’ all the way great on out with a ‘Heartlight’ 1987 was the first and I shall never forget the greatest night I ever had and one to never repeat…

October 5, 2014


I Remember You I remember you, still wet behind the ears. Abbreviated ducktail, sideburns, Black boots, peg leg pants, Black shirt and black guitar, Held tight against your heart. Words and music, a menagerie of song, Already forming in your head, creating magic. I remember you. Ivory buckskins with beaded tassels across your chest And hanging from your sleeves. Brown hair laying lightly against your brow, And falling down below…

March 7, 2012

Love on the Rocks/Staycation?

A Parody in 3 verses – you know the tune! Love on the rocks is so hard on the back Let’s not lay there – the bugs will attack. Let’s go find a drink we’ve got all afternoon. First, we said the ocean Hey, those clouds are boiling! Suddenly you find the island’s washed out from the storm. Then we said the city God, it’s so damn noisy! I can’t…

April 14, 2010


Hello, my name is Jason, and I’m glad to be here with fellow Neil Diamond fans. This poem is about using dreams to journey through the unconscious mind. Awake As I approach the portal, between consciousness and sleep I smell the romantic aroma of peach mango scented candles The sweet fragrance of burning apple cinnamon incense And intoxicating cherry vanilla perfume, drifting across from the other side When I crossover…

February 7, 2010


You were the one It was you all along You made me feel safe and you made me feel strong You stood on the stage in your own little realm glowing while belting out beautiful hymns you knew I was there sitting right on the chair So sad was my face Twas an Amazing Grace So many lives touched in the best viable way can it be possible the music…

May 14, 2009

Your Song

Melody calls and poetry beckons to a place Unfamiliar and yet so like home. Softly guided, as if by a whisper To private reflection, where memory Lingers in shadow, and dreams Find the light of day; As emotion enmeshed with desire Aches for expression; Fulfilled by a promise and captured Forever in the power and glory of song. First yours, then mine; Created in beauty, its gift everlasting; Exquisitely touching…

May 5, 2009

Neil Diamond tribute

Neil Diamond we are your fan, we also found this other man, Joey Purpura is his name, Neil Diamond songs are his fame. He sings like you Lots of songs to do. Check him out if you may @ www.solitaryman.ca

April 27, 2009

Neil Diamond

We met a long long time ago, in a prayer I prayed one night. A little child watching at a concert, it was fright. I don’t know how or where, was I asleep or actually there? An angel took me on his wings, he never left my side. He wanted me to hear you sing. He took me for a ride. A dream I had so long ago, still lingers…

January 25, 2009

Echo, and the Singer Sings his Song

She could see him across the great water, See him as he walked along, She could tell by the tune, When she heard it That the Singer was singing his song. Their paths never crossed, Too much could be lost The dream singer might well go away, Sometimes she would call Across the great waterfall But her Echo flew away with the wind, And like Echo she remains in the…

July 13, 2008