290 songs were written solely by Neil
119 songs were written with a co-writer
6 songs believed to have been written by Neil, but no information available
415 Neil Diamond Songs

190 songs recorded by others (cover versions)
1103 artists have recorded cover versions
2661 unique cover recordings

263 songs recorded by Neil
29 songs recorded by others, but no known recording by Neil
104 songs copyrighted, but with no known recording
6 songs believed to be Neil’s, but no information available
4 songs songs heard only in concert
8 songs heard on acetate or demo
1 song heard on Mannix TV show
415 Neil Diamond Songs

Both UNI and MCA issues are listed because MCA issues were a repackage. Subsequent MCA reissues with different numbers are not listed.

Label and number for 45s, EPs, LPs, and CDs are listed. Most Neil Diamond albums were also issued on cassette. Canadian and UK albums are included.

Other foreign issues and various artists albums with one or two songs by Neil have been omitted as all cuts are the same as the original US issue.

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