A Neil Diamond Show

December 12 1998;
a second Neil Diamond show
running onstage with a ‘Beautiful Noise’
and it was a (Brother Love’s) ‘Traveling Salvation Show’

Over two hours of music
from start to finish a blast
I hated for it to ever end
the time it went so fast

Black pants, blue shirt, black guitar
and loads of rock and roll
a wave and a wink from Vince
it was like a strike in a bowl

Tons of memories
and one to never again be seen
a huge arena crowd
one of the best shows to I have ever been

Then I had another chance;
but it took four years to see
March 12 2002 ‘Three Chord Opera’
my Parents, brother and me

A great early dinner with our waiter
who was appropriately named ‘Neil’
what a coincidence it was and also a great meal….

Then on to the show
and ‘America’ to raise the roof
from start to end and all the hits
Neil is 100 percent proof

That was the last show
and to it I am sad to say
I can only hope for one more time
for the chance I can only pray…..

Thank you Neil for all the music and love
that you have shown and given to us
To us you are a God, and great human being
We pray for your always a safe return
it is your music we are always needing

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