Buffalo Concert Poem

“Oh, What a Beautiful Noise”, Coming from Buffalo, NY, You had a wonderful beat, Your stage was so neat. “I’m a Believer”, So “Play Me” some Red, Red wine, So you can be all mine. “Thank the Lord for the Nightime”, “I Am..I Said”, “Forever in Blue Jeans”. Teresa aka Afonds 2005

October 24, 2007


lieve neil 🙂 je raakt mijn hart en polijst mijn ziel 🙂 elke keer opnieuw weet jij de juiste snaar te raken ! hou asjeblieft nooit op muziek te maken ! translation: sweet neil 🙂 you touch my heart an polish my soul 🙂 everytime again you know which string to touch ! please don’t ever stop making the music i love so much !

January 27, 2007

Love is what we need

How can a man with a million have a frown? How can a man with it all…. be down? How can a man with the glitter and the gold,…has someone to hold, has someone to care, sit over there, alone. You’ll feel the surprise of what loving can do, are you up to the test.. and just let it come through.. After all its what we do the best. If…

December 2, 2006

Neil come to nz

I watch the lonely southern cross sitting there so lonesome and free. I wish you could come to new zealand again and meet me. I am a fan of joy , of love and peace. Please come to new zealand and you wont be on a leash .

October 29, 2006

A Song Writer’s Words come back to haunt him

All I really need is you To not get Lost Among the Stars As if, Think of Me Beside You, It’s a Trip (Go for the Moon) or Mars It don’t seem right, just Make Believe There’s No Limit to what we can achieve Once in a while it’s a Long Hard Climb We’ll just call it a Midnight Dream for a time Let the little boy sing about Nathaniel…

June 26, 2006

Sunrise In Your Eyes

I long to see the sunrise in your eyes It’s been so long my heart feels paralyzed Lost inside of loneliness Sleeping on the hands of time Sound in dreams of you And the day I’ll find The magic of the sunrise in your eyes Your touch, your kiss, you gentle sighs Close my eyes we ride together In love, we care I can feel your blood dance through me…

February 9, 2006

Inside Out Encore

Inside Out Encore Brother assumed his usual posture at the breakfast table Predictably exposed beneath that trademark sticky bathrobe, He slyly waited for me to notice the reemergence Of his prized possession. I won’t; I can’t. Tears that long ago ceased to liquefy, Struggled to grab hold. The familiar urge to flee Flickered on and off in my calves, But quickly succumbed to silent torture, With the realization That once…

December 8, 2005

There once was………………

There once was a boy named Neil, who sang a song and new how the girls would feel, he sang Solitary Man, holly holy, and heartlight too, thats all he knew what to do, He’s been my favorite 1, 2, 3, can’t you see? what he means to me? of all the lyrics run into my life and bring a joy into my heart, neil never retire and never be…

November 27, 2005

if i could fly

if i could fly i spread my wings flying over the clouds and looking down leave the pain and sorrow behind just to fly,and have some peace only me,to heal myself having a new start and feeling happy no more mask for me to hide that anny one thinks i m happy. ceeping strong for whom? if only i could fly

November 25, 2005