A Song Writer’s Words come back to haunt him

All I really need is you
To not get Lost Among the Stars
As if, Think of Me Beside You,
It’s a Trip (Go for the Moon) or Mars

It don’t seem right, just Make Believe
There’s No Limit to what we can achieve
Once in a while it’s a Long Hard Climb
We’ll just call it a Midnight Dream for a time

Let the little boy sing about Nathaniel B. Jackson, Knackelflerg, Measles, and Porcupine Pie
They put my mind at ease in a Practically Newborn fashion, but I don’t know why
The Non-Conformist Marching Song might not be what The Last Picasso wants to hear
But Things Have Changed greatly since these words first began to appear

Let’s walk the Memphis Streets and stare up at the Tennessee Moon
Be a Stargazer and find The Way to Turn Around and be Done Too Soon
Read a Front Page Story and enjoy the Free Life
Be like The Dancing Bumble Bee, Dancing to the Party Next Door in strife

Don’t Look Down the Crooked Street Courtin’ Disaster
First You Have to Say you Love Me, then Marry Me, once we find a pastor
Everybody is Someone who believes in you
We’ve had A Taste of Roses and Song Sung Blue

Songs of Life from Deep Inside of You bring A Good Kind of Lonely that is true
But that was Yesterday so What will I do?
I’ll travel outside America, to Acapulco and Jerusalem, with an Angel Above My Head
I’ll Leave a Little Room for God and catch Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show instead

Baby Let’s Drive Back from Baltimore on The Blue Highway
Travel those Crazy Brooklyn Roads, be The Drifter, come what may
Let’s get Lost in Hollywood and take The Long Way Home
Listen to the Beautiful Noise, My Special Someone, as we roam

Let’s pass through Mountains of Love On the Way to the Sky
Raisin’Caine, drinking Red, Red Wine, tasting Love on the Rocks, Oh, my!
Soon these days will be Long Gone and Juliet will discover he’s Just Another Guy
Amazed and Confused, she’ll ask him to “Remember Me”, with a sigh

It’s Hard Times for Lovers but Everything’s Gonna be fine
Dry Your Eyes, The Man you Need is out there just watch for Signs
Long Nights, Hold on, Dig In And Don’t Go Away Mad
Don’t Think … Feel and you’ll be glad

Do not be afraid to say Farewell, So Long, Goodbye,
Just Do it Lonely Lady #17, Do not question why
Miss Lonely Hearts, Handle with Care
Soon you will Hear them bells because of One Good Love beyond compare

One by one the song titles are Falling so Open Wide These Prison Doors
My bouquet of words I hope, do not come across as chores
Let’s join the Merry-Go-Round, a Recipe for Happiness
And The fool that I am tells me this ditty is truly becoming a mess

For those on the outside looking in it’s just a Rainy Day Song
For the poet, it is like Jungletime, Jazz Time and Reggae Strut, care to come along?
Can anybody hear me? As we stand on Common Ground
Comin’ Apart at the seams, Black and Blue (from kickin’ myself) around

The Boy with the Green Eyes met the Diamond Girls
On the shores of Gitchy Goomy hunting for black pearls
“Be Mine Tonight,” he asked, as he looked into Carmelita’s Eyes
“Hey Louise!” he shouted as Captain Sunshine walked by

A High Rolling Man singing the Holiday Inn Blues
It was a Coldwater Morning and he wanted to amuse
So he sang a Childsong about Clown Town USA
Where folks walked around saying “Cherry Cherry” all day

The Anthem they sung was to the tune of Canta Libre
And on every door of every house there was a painted zebra
Cracklin’ Rosie knows that Gold Don’t Rust
But eating Cruncy Granola Suite is a must

Bobby Did Brooklyn on a Saturday Night
Back in LA he turned out his Heartlight
He saw two plays, Blue Destiny and Dance of the Sabres
Ain’t No Way he was gonna do any favors

The start of this poem seems A Million Miles Away
I’ve been on a Mission of Love to complete it by the end of the day
I guess it is A Matter of Love for The Gift of Song
Lordy, I’m Headed for the Future and this Mama Don’t Know where she went wrong

It’s time to be A fool All Over Again and play Make Believe
Be a Memphis Flyer and a Moonlight Rider regardless the web you weave
Only You can Reminisce for a While sipping Rosemary’s Wine
But You Baby, You’ll Never Be Anything but Mine

At Night, or At the Movies, Comin’ Home Glory Road
I Got the Feeling I’m afraid – Shot Down by the load
Where Do I Run This Time? How about Right by You?
Wish everything was alright and I wasn’t so blue

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, yet, You are My Number One
I’m Alive and I’m Nobody’s Fool but I’m certainly enjoying the fun
I Just Need to Love You More and I Care Enough (to give the very best)
I’ve Never Been the Same and I’m certainly not like the rest

If I lost My Way, In Ensenada It don’t seem likely I’d hear Elijah’s song
But I’ll Come Running If You Need Me to come along
These are Honey-Drippin Times that feel like Fire on the Tracks
But I Ain’t Got No Trouble Getting It On, as long as I know the facts

It Don’t Seem Likely, sitting in this Sunday Sun that I could ever see a Straw in the Wind
But I’m Hooked on the Memory of you until I feel chagrined
Talking Optimist Blues I’m a Believer who might Win the World
If There Were No Dreams In My Lifetime how could I be unfurled?

I’m Sayin I’m Sorry because I’ve been this way before
Say Maybe, a Smokey Lady, Someday Baby, will come knocking at your door
She’ll be eating Soggy Pretzels and humming The Pot Smoker’s Song
Could it be A Modern Day Version of Love that forever tags along?

I am the Lion, I Seek the Night
Thank the Lord for the Night Time where I hunt and fright
You might call me a Solitary Man
But I have a very short attention span

You Played the Field, I Played the Fool
Like walking into a Hurricane, Surviving the Life sometimes can be cruel
Stones can be thrown One by One
Be careful for you might Missa your aim before it’s all done

Santa, Santa, You Make it Feel Like Christmas
Deep in the Morning I watch you land on the isthmus
In The Boat that I Row, On the Robert E. Lee
I Shout it Loud, “Do you have a present for me?”

Oh Skybird, Sleep with Me Tonight
The Time is Now for Summerlove to take flight
I watch you Runnin’ Free this September Morn
I admire the clouds amongst you, how they adorn

Dear Father, Heaven Can wait
Even Lady Magdalene cannot debate
That These are the Best Years of our Lives
And no one knows how we all survive

I Got Love for You and I’ll be Back Someday
I’ll See You on the Radio, my Desiree’
Let Me Take You in My Arms Again, my Lady-oh
But we better Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon but you must not Fear the Marketplace
The Streetlife with this New York Boy you must embrace
Then You’ll Forget this Two-bit Manchild and enjoy Sweet LA Days
Looking up at the Lonely Looking Sky and taking in the sun’s rays

Play Me Longfellow’s Serenade as the River Runs, New grown plums
I want to hear those Soolaimon drums
You say that, “I’m Your Man”, but it’s a Long Hard Climb, I fear
Because I Haven’t Played This Song in Years

If I Couldn’t See You Again or If I Never Knew Your Name
And Scotch on the Rocks did nothing for That Kind of Shame
You Got to Me, My Babe, let’s rekindle the Flame
Primitive as it may seem, the results always the same

A Kentucky Woman went to Guitar Heaven
Seeking Ten Lonely Guys, but she found only seven
They each gave her a Sunflower and sang Sweet Caroline
This Broad Old Woman found all the attention divine

Yes I will be, Forever in Blue Jeans
But please try to Save Me, by all means
I know I’m Guilty of having lack of fashion
And You’re so Sweet to show me any compassion

Love to Love, but It Comes and Goes
You don’t know ‘Til You’ve Tried Love what will transpose
We can Walk on Water when We Got Love
Forget our troubles and rise above

Yesterday’s Songs make me think of my friend,
Shilo, known, But Only in Name, was pretend
We set out on adventures looking for our Fortune of the Night
He would Take Care of Me from within, never in sight

I’m a man who waits for Sunday and Me
The Holly Holy nature of that day fills me with glee
On the Morningside, I sit under a big oak tree
And the Grass Won’t Pay No Mind, because I am free

Hello Again, You are the Best Part of Me
You are My Love at Last but Hurting You Don’t Come So Easy
But I believe in Happy endings, if you know what I mean
So let’s Turn Down the Lights and not be obscene

At times, Home is a Wounded Heart, and All I Have is Me
Perhaps that is why I’ve had time to mess with this “so called” poetry
In any event, I am I said just about through
So that I can share it with all of you

Oh Mary went to the theatre to see “Captain of a Shipwreck”
When all of a sudden she shouted, “oh, heck”
She wanted the characters to be together Evermore
For she thought that’s what delirious love was for

However, the leading man said to his leading girl,
“I’m on to you, so face me and let’s give it a whirl
Her reply came suddenly and without avail
“You think you’re a man of god but in comparison you pale”

He replied, “Create me a scenario where men are so easy
Just save me a Saturday night and don’t be cheesy”
Well that didn’t fly and the characters parted ways
Their story was through and it set the audience’s mind ablaze

Hell Yeah, there could be a better ending, that’s for certain
Before the drawing of the final curtain
Well, what’s it gonna be? Take it or leave it, so they say
We paid good money and it wasn’t the best display

This is not The Story of My Life, that’s true
But it did take a Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit of You
The songwriter creates poetic words, And the Singer Sings His Song
Thoughts and phrases blend together, producing memories that are lifelong

Here’s to another 282 more songs!

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