Love is what we need

How can a man with a million have a frown?
How can a man with it all…. be down?
How can a man with the glitter and the gold,…has someone to hold, has someone to care, sit over there, alone.

You’ll feel the surprise of what loving can do, are you up to the test.. and just let it come through..
After all its what we do the best.

If you can stand up and breath air and can walk to your door….you’ll see me…I’ll just be standing there….loving you….needing more….
Because love can make us whole again…
And more than that, I love you..
I love you.

Clear away your frown…honey..its not worth the time.
Its harder to find words that really do rhyme..
Life is not a fairy tale so remember I’m here. Your my real life story with an ending so sweet..I repeat …so sweet..

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