I am I said helps Hurricane Ike victims

Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king and then became one? Well, no. Not that I can recall.

Neil Dia­mond may have thrown out some eso­teric lines in songs he has writ­ten over the past how­ever many decades, as in the lines above from ”I am I said.” This makes me won­der, in real­ity, I am, I said? No, I guess I am not I didn’t say. He was, he said. But he said he was. Oh well, you can’t always hit a home run….

December 16, 2009

Diamond Wrote Lyrics While Walking Our Streets

Singer-songwriter Neil Diamond was born Jan. 24, 1941 in Coney Island. During Diamond’s youth, he spent time in Massapequa and at the south shore beaches during the summer months. It was in the early 1960s when Neil met Jaye Posner, a local school teacher….

November 27, 2009

Diamond homes arrive in Oak Island

Residents in Oak Island are doing the happy dance and singing the praises of Neil Diamond. Four of the twelve brand new homes, courtesy of the music legend Neil Diamond rolled into the community this past week end….

November 18, 2009

Neil Diamond is Forever & the RnR Hall of Fame

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest Neil Diamond fan, and any suggestion he should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is met with a shrug of indifference (you know, in the same way a suggestion that any band should be inducted into something as ridiculous as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

But over the weekend I was shaking my bits to the disco hits down at Videodrome, and then it happened – Mr. Diamond hovered over the crowd on the giant projector screen, his 1986 semi-hit ”Headed For the Future” synced up perfectly from the DJ booth to the big screen above, and in unison everyone at the bar joined in for a little Neil-worship….

November 11, 2009

Neil Diamond still a Brooklyn cowboy – New book chronicles the musician’s life, from Brooklyn cowboy to singing superstar

For all his fame and fortune, at heart, Neil Diamond is still a Brooklyn cowboy.

In ”Neil Diamond is Forever,” an illustrated history of the musician, with exclusive photos and interviews, including coverage of his 2008 tour and this year’s Grammy gala salute, Jon Bream chronicles the pop icon’s rise to fame, starting with his Coney Island roots….

October 2, 2009