I am I said helps Hurricane Ike victims

Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king and then became one? Well, no. Not that I can recall.

Neil Dia­mond may have thrown out some eso­teric lines in songs he has writ­ten over the past how­ever many decades, as in the lines above from ”I am I said.” This makes me won­der, in real­ity, I am, I said? No, I guess I am not I didn’t say. He was, he said. But he said he was. Oh well, you can’t always hit a home run.

I have pretty much liked Neil Diamond’s music since the 1960s. Some of his songs sound bet­ter sung by oth­ers such as ”Soli­tary Man” ren­dered by Chris Issak. And, of course, Diamond’s ”I’m a Believer” just isn’t believ­able if it isn’t done by the Mon­kees. Nev­er­the­less, even though mil­lions of younger peo­ple may say ”who?” when men­tion­ing Neil Dia­mond, he is, I say, a very durable entertainer.

What gives enter­tain­ers addi­tional, or per­haps some will say, I said, true worth, is what they do beyond writ­ing and singing songs, play­ing pro bas­ket­ball or host­ing a talk show. I’m just say­ing. I said. Diamond’s worth has prob­a­bly risen con­sid­er­ably by some of my neigh­bors lately. When I say neigh­bors, I said, I mean peo­ple who live in my neck of the woods, or Gulf Coast. The point is Dia­mond has used money from mer­chan­dise sold at his con­certs to build 12 homes for fam­i­lies who lost theirs’ dur­ing Hur­ri­cane Ike last year.

Tom­morow, a cou­ple who live on the Ike-ravaged Oak Island – north of the Boli­var Penin­sula – will move into the first home to be built thanks to Diamond’s largess. Dia­mond has a his­tory of help­ing oth­ers and decided to assist those whose homes had been oblit­er­ated last year when Ike struck.

So say what you will about Neil Dia­mond and his songs. I like a lot of his songs and have for years. But it’s nice to hear of some­one putting their tal­ents into some­thing really worthwhile.

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