Drilling for Diamonds in Oak Island

Drilling for Diamonds in Oak Island

Stab Cat Inc. employees drill the holes and set the pylons, at Mary McAlpins property, for the first of twelve Neil Diamond homes to be built in Oak Island. Photo By Theresa Barrett

By Theresa Barrett

Dreams are coming true as the drilling and setting of the first pylons for Neil Diamond homes.

The island is a buzz with excitement, it is very real and is not just for those who are receiving the famous Neil Diamond homes.

Everyone in the community is excited to see the huge plyons being set. Seeing the trucks deliver these huge beams and the large pieces of equipment come rolling in give hope to all still suffering, that recovery from Hurricane Ike is a very real dream that can come true.

The first four homes of twelve to be built were surveyed, laid out, and pylons delivered this week.

Four families have been doing the “Happy Dance” and singing praises of blessings and thanks to all who brought these wonderful Diamonds to Oak Island.

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