This Time


This time we’re gonna make it

Yes we’re goin to the top

And we won’t quit until we’re there

Because you know how much we really care

To make it – to the top

We’ve paid our dues in lots of clubs

Across the countryside

We did our best throughout our quest

Yes we felt this thing inside

That’s why we’ll make it

Yes we’ll make it – to the top

And through the times when there was pain

And people sayin give up this game

We never gave up, we stood our ground

And took whatever work we found

That’s why we’ll make it, oh yes, we’ll make it, to the top

The people are flockin thru the door

Yet we still remember how it was before

You see we found some folks who share the dream

And we know in our hearts we’re a really good team

That’s why we’re makin it

Yes, we’re makin it,

To the top

©1992 Patricia Lee Adler

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