The Crossing

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(folk rhythm)

While crossing a river on a stormy summer day

I’m reminded of my life in a funny sort of way

My past laid there behind me on a quiet and distant shore

Ahead of me lay places I’d never been before

Clinging to the past seemed to be the only thing to do

Then suddenly we turned and the shore was lost from view

I tried to reach back, tried not to let it go

While crossing this river to a place I didn’t know

While crossing this river to a place that I don’t know

I’m reminded that my life has a long, long way to go

Returning to the past is safe, I’d know what to expect

The path to the future isn’t always so direct

My fears they lie ahead of me, of what I’m not so sure

Maybe I should try returning to where I’ve been before

I’m scared so of tomorrow, of being all alone

I haven’t felt this way, not since I was almost grown

But I can’t go back to where I’m from, I’ve got to let it go

Cause I’m crossing this river to a place that I don’t know

Cause I’m crossing this river to a place where I might grow


Gotta cross this river

Just gotta let go

Gotta cross this river

Find a place to grow

This was written after a phone conversation with a friend. He was describing an experience he had while on a ferry, going to visit his children in camp. He said that the river reminded him of his life and then I started imagining what such an experience might mean to me.

(c) Patricia Adler 1996