Promoting the “Headed For The Future” album, Neil appears at Tower Records Store in New York City to sign autographs for group of fans.

“Headed For The Future” album is certified gold.

Neil opens a 14-night stand at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California.

“Hello Again” Special is nominated for six Emmys:

  • Outstanding Costume Design for a Variety/Music Program
  • Outstanding Directing for a Variety/Music Program
  • Outstanding Editing for a MiniSeries/Special
  • Outstanding Lighting for a MiniSeries/Special**
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing for a MiniSeries/Music Special
  • Outstanding Technical Direction for a MiniSeries/Music Special**
    **denotes winner in category

Vestron releases Neil’s second TV Special, “I’m Glad You’re Here With Me Tonight” videocassette (originally aired on NBC on November 17, 1977).

Ronald Reagan, Jr. interviews Neil for ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America.”

“Jonathan Livingston Seagull” album is certified platinum and double platinum.

“Serenade” album is certified platinum.

Guitarist Richard Bennett leaves NDRRT and is replaced by Hadley Hockensmith.

Pollstar announces that Neil has the biggest single concert gross—more than $2.9 million for his 8-show July run at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Neil sings “The Star Spangled Banner” at the 21st Super Bowl in Pasadena, California.

“DIAMOND: A Biography,” a book written by Alan Grossman, Bill Truman and Roy Oki Yamanaka, is published.

“NEIL DIAMOND: Solitary Star,” a book by Rich Wiseman, is published by Dodd-Mead and Company, Inc.

Neil performs at the “Vietnam Vets Benefit Concert” in Washington, D.C., singing “America.”

Goldmine Magazine publishes feature article, “Neil Diamond-And The Singer Sings His Song.”

Columbia releases “I Dreamed A Dream” and “Sweet Caroline” single. “I Dreamed A Dream” is a studio version of the same song that appears on the “Hot August Night 2” album. The studio version has never been released on an album.

Columbia releases “Hot August Night II” album which was recorded live in concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California in August, 1986.

Columbia releases “Cherry, Cherry” and “America” single (live versions taken from “Hot August Night 2” album).

Rolling Stone Magazine publishes feature article, “Neil Diamond-‘Am I A Rock Person, or What the Hell Am I?'” by David Wild.

Neil appears on NBC’s “Today Show,” to promote his upcoming “Greatest Hits Live” TV Special. Neil is interviewed by Rona Elliott.

Columbia releases “This Time” and “If I Couldn’t See You Again” single.

HBO Cable presents Neil’s fourth TV special “Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits Live.”

Columbia releases “The Best Years Of Our Lives” album.

“The Best Years Of Our Lives” album is certified gold.

Columbia releases “The Best Years Of Our Lives” and “Carmelita’s Eyes” single.

CBS Music Video releases “Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits Live” videocassette.

“Greatest Hits Live” video is certified both gold and platinum.

“Baby Can I Hold You” released as DJ copy to radio stations only. This single enters the Adult Contemporary chart on Aug 19, 1989 and stays for 6 weeks, peaking at #28.

“I’m Glad You’re Here With Me Tonight,” and “12 Greatest Hits, Volume II” albums certified double platinum.

“Classics – The Early Years” album is certified gold.

Neil begins a one-month tour of Europe that takes him to Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, and England.

Neil appears on “The Terry Wogan Show,” aired by BBC-TV in London. Neil performs “This Time,” and “Forever In Blue Jeans,” before sitting down to an interview with Mr. Wogan. The interview is followed by a performance of “Baby Can I Hold You.”