Columbia releases “Yesterday’s Songs” and “Guitar Heaven” single.

Columbia releases “On The Way To The Sky” album.

Neil goes on a brief tour of the Western United States, beginning in Tempe, Arizona.
This tour marks the addition of Ron Tutt as Neil’s new drummer, replacing Dennis St. John.

Neil collaborates with Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer-Sager to compose “Heartlight.” The inspiration for “Heartlight” came when the three collaborators, all friends, went to see the hit movie of the year, “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.”

“On The Way To The Sky” album is certified gold.

“On The Way To The Sky” album is certified platinum.

Columbia releases “On The Way To The Sky” and “Save Me” single.

Neil begins an eight-city tour in Detroit, Michigain.

People Magazine publishes feature article, “Having Survived a Tumor and ‘The Jazz Singer,’ Neil Diamond Eases His Life Back In Shape.”

Neil attends the funeral for entertainment producer, Neil Bogart, who died of cancer.

Neil begins a 10-city tour in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Columbia releases “Be Mine Tonight” and “Right By You” single.

Columbia releases “12 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2” album.

Neil begins a 10-city tour in Bloomington, Indiana.

Columbia releases “Heartlight” and “You Don’t Know Me” single.

Columbia releases “Heartlight” album.

“12 Greatest Hits Volume II” album is certified gold.

Neil begins a eight-city tour in Hollywood, Florida.

“Heartlight” album is certified gold.

“Heartlight” album is certified platinum.

Columbia releases “I’m Alive” and “Lost Among The Stars” single.

Neil sets the all-time record for number of tickets sold at The Forum in Los Angeles. The first four shows sells out within two hours. Three additional shows are added, and a total of 130,000 tickets are sold for the seven shows, surpassing all Forum attendance and total gross records

Neil begins a four-city tour in Detroit, Michigan.

Columbia releases “Front Page Story” and “I’m Guilty” single.

Neil plays the first of two shows in Denver, Colorado, followed by two more in Tempe, Arizona.

Neil plays the first of seven shows at The Forum–his first engagement in Los Angeles since the Greek Theater appearances in 1976.

Columbia releases “Classics/The Early Years” album.
Originally released as the “EARLY CLASSICS” in 1978 by Neil on his own label (Frog King), available only through Columbia House Record Club. It contains a previous unreleased alternate take of “Shilo” and a never-before-available true stereo version of “Kentucky Woman.” “Kentucky Woman” track reverts back to the mono version on the “CLASSICS/THE EARLY YEARS” LP. The “Do It” track on the “EARLY CLASSICS” LP is the version from the “DO IT” LP in 1971 and reverts back to the extended (hit) version on the “CLASSICS/THE EARLY YEARS” LP.)

Goldmine Magazine publishes feature articles, “Carol Porta — Neil Diamond Collector,” “Neil Diamond-His Released and Unreleased Recordings,” and “Neil Diamond-Underrated Superstar.”

Neil begins a three-city tour in Tacoma, Washington, playing a total of nine shows.

Neil begins a seven-city tour in Austin, Texas.

Sounds of Brooklyn releases “Roots of S. O. B. Vol. 2,” a various artist compilation LP that contains the original demo of “Ten Lonely Guys,” featuring Neil.

Neil opens a five-city tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.