Those Incredible Eyes

Neil Diamond, the boy, the man.
Tell me what’s behind those incredible eyes,
only you can.
As I look through the photographs of now and years gone past.
There are so many questions I would like to ask.
From the music and lyrics the eyes tell a separate story.
Some happy, some sad, sometimes a shadowed mystery.
The eyes that speak volumes without a spoken word.
With a subtle wisdom known,
and often heard.
Those eyes are the windows to understanding,
without a doubt.
But does anyone really know what you are all about.
Eyes that embrace and caress from across a room.
And cause most women to swoon.
Eyes with a twinkle,
and that sly mischievous grin.
That seems to say, “I could play with your heart, again and again and again”.
Many times I look at those eyes in photographs,
and hear my own sighs.
And I think of all the people who love the man,
with those incredible eyes.

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