Story about my Life

Being a fan for thirty years just to let you know I’M ALIVE. I like YESTERDAY’S SONGS and even the new ones. Your music has been there thru the laughter and tears for many years. Especially that SEPTEMBER MORN when my mom passed away.I feel she was DONE TOO SOON.I listen to your music as much as I can especially AT NIGHT.I’M A BELIEVER that someday I will meet you but it’s probably a MIDNIGHT DREAM. But I GOT THE FEELING maybe one day I will.YOU GOT TO ME since I saw the Jazz Singer.SWEET CAROLINE is my ringtone on my cell.All your music is BEAUTIFUL NOISE to my ears.I may be FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS and YOU DON’T BRING ME FLOWERS,but I am HEADED FOR THE FUTURE and will be HOOKED ON THE MEMORY OF YOU anyway. EVERYBODY knows you are the best.Just know that YOU MAKE IT FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS. God bless AMERICA and you too my friend. And IN MY LIFETIME my mom will always be an ANGEL ABOVE MY HEAD but HEAVEN CAN WAIT and before I HEAR THEM BELLS one day I hope to meet you first. Love your #1 FAN Karen

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