Could It Be, Only A Dream

There’s a cresendo of music,
as a song begins,
and then there is that grin.
And you know a fantastic concert is about to begin.
You listen as the music sweeps you along.
Your sure this is where you belong.
The songs you know every word too.
No way could anyone here be blue.
And that voice owns a world all its own.
It’s during the pause you hear the audience low moan.
There’s a look toward the audience,
the eyes they greet.
No matter where your seat,
it’s your eyes they meet.
The songs are sung to each individually.
You hold on to every word but in your heart you know this will end eventually.
The screams and tears as emotions run away.
You feel your heart racing,
and your pulse affects your airway.
You watch as the stage rises as over the audience to hover.
And then….And then it’s over.
And you sit in your seat in wonder.
How could it be over?
Did I imagine it all,
were the lights only moonbeams.
Could it all have been,
only a dream.

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