American Bandstand

According to “The History of American Bandstand” by Michael Shore with Dick Clark, Neil appeared on “American Bandstand” on Saturday, June 25, 1966, and sang “Solitary Man”. The book notes that it was not only his “American Bandstand” debut but his TV debut. Now, I had seen him on a similar local show in Washington 17 days earlier, so I think they mean national TV debut. — Regina Litman Still…

June 25, 1966

Wing Ding

Neil was on a local Washington, DC, show called “Wing Ding” on Wednesday, June 8, 1966. It was a show similar to “American Bandstand”. The show was on WDCA Channel 20.In the 1960s, TV station WDCA, Channel 20, in Washington, DC, aired a program called “Wing Ding”. This show was very similar to the nationally popular show, “American Bandstand”. Teenagers who lived in the area danced to the current hits…

June 8, 1966