The Last Waltz

“The Last Waltz”- Actually a film of the last concert by the critically-respected group The Band, top-notch players who made their reputation backing Dylan in the 60’s. However, I’ve never been a connoisseur of The Band’s recordings- what critics seem to consider “incredible vocalizing” I consider to be “off-key”. Neil performs one song, the stunning, Phil Spector-ish “Dry Your Eyes” with his regular drummer, Dennis St. John and members of The Band. Neil shows up with a red shirt and blue jacket, wearing sunglasses and playing acoustic guitar. The performance is passionate, albeit a bit more raspy than most of his released live work up until that point. Since the members of The Band do NOT sing here, this shows them in their best light. Conclusion: Not particularly recommended, unless you like The Band. Three minutes of Neil is not enough to make this a good investment. Wait for the VH-1 rebroadcast or rent this instead.

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