Rock and Roll Call

“Rock and Roll Call” – This title is both extremely entertaining and very frustrating at the same time. It’s packaged in a hysterically garish outer-sleeve, and has 21 songs jammed into approximately 50 minutes. This was made possible at the rather high cost of the tape’s entertainment value– the majority of the songs are edited, most containing about 2/3 of the song. Neil’s “Cherry Cherry” is this way. It’s in black and white, with Neil carrying a guitar, standing against a grid background. Neil’s lip-synced performance is not the best- he misses his cues a few times. But, hey, it’s not that easy to locate much Neil footage from this period (since this is not a duplicate of his American Bandstand appearance), so you’d better get this whenever it makes itself available on the used market. Previously released and originally titled as “Mellow Memories” on USA Home Video.

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