Music Scene The Best of 1969-1970 Volume One

“Music Scene – The Best of 1979-1970 Volume One” – Now THIS is more like it! Neil does two songs, “Both Sides Now” and “Holly Holy”. Both seem to be using a pre-recorded backing track, with Neil singing live (Neil’s value-for-the-money again… excellent!). “Both Sides Now” has him sitting on some lighted stairs, looking handsome and brooding. “Holly Holy” is a little creepy- dark-lit stage, with Neil surrounded by people sitting on pedestals. They don’t seem to play any musical role, they’re part of the set. The camera moves around in a circular pattern, mingling long shots and close-ups of Neil, with one fading into the other. His vocal sounds tentative- not quite with the confident power and strong delivery that we’re used to. Maybe the set was giving him the creeps.

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