Grammy’s Greatest Moments

“Grammy’s Greatest Moments”- Only one song by Neil, actually, half a song, because Barbara Streisand sings the other half of it. Your enjoyment of this video is directly tied to whether or not you like this song. I never did like it at the time it came out (1978), and I still can’t stand it. In fact, to this day, I can’t listen to it all the way through and have been diligently avoiding it like poison. On “Grammy’s Greatest Moments,” Babs and Neil start off on opposite sides of the stage, and line by line, they get closer until they’re practically in each other’s faces. This performance had gotten praise for being “electrifying” and the rapport between Babs and Neil has been described as “intense and dramatic and show-stealing.” Oh, and there’s a lot of screams when Babs strokes Neil’s face on one of the last lines.

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