The Johnny Cash Show

See my entry under February 11, 1970, for a description of something Neil did once when he was on the Johnny Cash show. I was not sure whether he and Johnny did this medley during the February appearance or the September appearance.

The September appearance was repeated some time in 1971. TV Guide often listed what songs were going to be performed on various shows. Before the Sept. airing, TV Guide listed what Johnny and Neil were going to perform on this show. This included a medley of songs, including one that I’d never heard then, and still have never heard, called “Roseanna’s Gone Wild”. They did not do this song on this show. There was probably a last minute change, or maybe it ended up on the cutting room floor. Before the rerun in 1971 (and I don’t recall the exact date or even approximate time of year, though I did see the show that second time, too), TV Guide again listed “Roseanna’s Gone Wild”. At the time, I wondered why they didn’t correct this information, since the show had obviously been aired without this song the first time around. I now think that this publication was working with the same information it had the first time. They may have just been told, “Repeat of last Sept. 30’s show,” and went and looked up what they had printed before.

–Regina Litman

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