The Caroline Rhea Show

Neil opened the show with an exciting performance of “Sweet Caroline.” During the song, Neil worked his way up into the audience (where Caroline was waiting), and handed his microphone to audience guest Steve Ketterer from Deleware, who sang the chorus with the entire audience while Neil and Caroline danced in the aisle.

During the interview portion of the show, Neil was teasing about the “quick fling” he has with “the Girl” during the “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” part of the concert show.

Then Caroline asked Neil if there was any possibility that “Caroline” in “Sweet Caroline” was her! He flattered her by telling her that the song was older than she was.

Caroline asked what inspired Neil to start writing songs. Neil told about growing up listening to music while working in his father’s store, and about the music activities while attending camp in upstate New York, and the music lessons he began taking as a result.

Neil also told a cute story about his biggest fan, his mother. He told about keeping in touch with her on a regular basis. She had recently told him that the TCO tour was his best tour, Neil also told a story about how he had recently spoke to his mother and she always has a story to tell. This time, she told about how she had to appear in Traffic court and go to traffic school in order to keep her life-long spotless driving record intact.

Caroline then flattered Neil by adding a Neil Diamond figurine as a permanent fixture to the Caroline Rhea set, setting the figurine on the seat of a miniature carriage, like those you might see in New York’s Central Park.

In the next segment, three Diamond fans from the studio audience participated in a game called “Diamond Trivia.”

  • Judi Fredericks from Amity, Pennsylvania (who has seen Neil 54 times)
  • Kathy Shue from Sterling, Virginia (who has seen Neil 60 times—40 times on this tour alone)
  • Shelley Beckwith from Bayside, New York (who has seen Neil 118 times)

    The contest was hilarious, keeping viewers and the audience in stitches, as all three contestants rang their bells in unison throughout most of the game in an attempt to be the first to ring in. Neil and Caroline had great fun with the contestants throughout the entire game. The winner, Shelley won an all-expenses-paid trip to Denver, Colorado, to attend Neil’s New Year Eve concert at the Pepsi Center.

    Kathy and Judi each received baskets of Diamondgear as consolation prizes. And the entire audience received Caroline Rhea t-shirts and a copy of the “Three Chord Opera” CD.

    Next, Neil performed “I’m A Believer.” During the chorus, Neil ended up back in the audience and was interacting with the audience until he finished the song.

    Next, Neil helped Caroline present the grand prize to the winner of a talent singing contest. The winner, Jason Bridges from New Kensington, Pennsylvania, won a chance to perform at a Pittsburgh concert with Caroline, and a Dodge Durango sports utility vehicle. The runner-up, Lisa, also won a Dodge Durango.

    Mary (IAIS member “Jewelie”) was recognized for her artistic design and craft work on a special “Neil” necklace that Caroline wore on the show.

    Alan Lindgren, arranger and keyboardist from Neil’s band, was also on stage for the musical performances.

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