Rosie O’Donnell Show

“Cracklin’ Rosie,” interview and “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” duet with Rosie

— Kathleen

It was too cool. Tom Cruise had been the guest on the show that aired the previous day. Rosie, during her monologue, had made a big huge deal out of Tom’s having been there…..since she has always professed true love for Tom. She cross-stitched a special pillow with Tom’s name on it and showed it during the monologue.

Before Neil was introduced, the pillow had been placed in the chair where Tom had sat the day before and where Neil was to sit on this day. Neil came out and sat in the chair NEXT TO the chair that Tom had sat in. Rosie asked him why he didn’t sit in the chair closest to her and Neil said it was because that chair had TOM’S name on it (referring to the pillow that had been placed there). So Rosie took a big black magic marker and wrote Neil’s name on the back of that upholstered chair so Neil would sit in a chair with HIS name on it. (My funny memory about that show)

— Eydie

Another hysterical moment on that show was when Neil and Rosie sang a duet of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”. Rosie “tried” to sing like Barbra Streisand, and failed miserably!!! Also, Rosie was discussing the kiss she received from Tom Cruise, and Neil said “I bet he didn’t kiss you like this” and gave her a whopper of a kiss! It was a riot!

— Joanne

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