Hello Again TV Special

On Sunday, May 25, 1986, a Neil Diamond TV special featuring guest stars Carol Burnett and Stevie Wonder was shown. I have never gotten the name of this special straight. I keep thinking that it was called “Headed for the Future”, but it may have been called “Hello Again.” This is the one Neil Diamond TV special that’s not available on home video (not yet counting “The Making of the Movie Album,” whose home video release has not yet been officially cancelled), so I can’t check the title on any video.

Favorite parts of this include people acting out pun-like interpretations of Neil’s song titles (such as a baker doing “You Don’t Bring Me Flour”) and Neil driving to work while people are trying to peddle their songs to him.

The title of the special was “Hello Again”. And there were a lot more favorite parts, including a great duet medley with Carol Burnett and a concert segment at the end. I was in a comedy mood when I posted the original message.

— Regina Litman

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