Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour

Posted by Regina Litman on the IAIS Message Board: I know I saw that March 1, 1970, Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour broadcast. According to, this is the show with Ella Fitzgerald and Raymond Burr that was among those shown on CMT last year. Although it’s not listed among the songs performed, Neil and Glen did a duet on acoustic guitars of “Thank the Lord for the Night Time”. A portion of this is among the video clips available here. Neil is also shown as singing a song called “Niki Hoeky”. This is a song written by Lolly and Pat Vegas, who were also part of a group called Redbone that had a few hits in the early 1970s (“Come and Get Your Love”, “Witch Queen of New Orleans”), although they wrote this song in the 1960s. The song was recorded by several acts, including a singer named P.J. Proby, whose version went to #23 on the Billboard chart in 1967, and Neil’s one-time producer Ellie Greenwich, whose version was a #1 hit in Singapore. Some of the Glen Campbell CMT broadcasts featured a whole hour show, while others were half-hour excerpts from two shows in one hourlong time period. This was one of the shows from which only a half hour was seen. And “Niki Hoeky” was not part of the broadcast. But now that I have seen this listing, I vaguely recall Neil singing this song on the show (and wondering why he didn’t do one of his own songs then). I don’t recall any other time that Neil did “Niki Hoeky”. It’s not on any of his albums (ironically, a song done by Glen, “Moon River”, did show up on a Neil Diamond album 28 1/2 years later), and I don’t remember him doing it on any other T.V. shows. No one here or on any other message board has mentioned him doing this in any concerts. So, I’ll ask now – has anyone ever heard Neil do the song “Niki Hoeky” in any concerts, especially around 1970?

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