Song Written By Recorded By Year
Lost In Hollywood Stonebridge Music Stevie Wonder 1988
Love On The Rocks Stonebridge Music Gilbert Becaud 1980
Love To Love Trio Music 1965
Make Believe Neil Leslie Diamond 1962
Mama Don't Know Stonebridge Music Gilbert Becaud 1980
Man Of God DiamondSongs 2004
Man You Need, The Stonebridge Music David Foster 1986
Marry Me DiamondSongs Tom Shapiro 1995
Me Beside You Stonebridge Music Burt Bacharach; Carole Bayer Sager 1986
Measles Painted Desert Music 1965
Memphis Flyer Stonebridge Music 1978
Memphis Streets Stonebridge Music 1969
Men Are So Easy DiamondSongs 2004
Merry-Go-Round Stonebridge Music 1968
Midnight Dream DiamondSongs 2001
Miss Lonely Hearts Sunbeam Music 1962
Missa Prophet Music 1971
Moonlight Rider Stonebridge Music 1986
Morningside Prophet Music 1972
Mountains Of Love Stonebridge Music Tom Hensley; Alan Lindgren 1990
My Babe Tallyrand Music 1967
My Bouquet
My Special Someone DiamondSongs 2001
Nathaniel B. Jackson Daffodil Music Carl D'Errico 1965
New York Boy Prophet Music 1969
No Limit DiamondSongs Richard Bennett 1995
No Words DiamondSongs
Non-Conformist Marching Song, The Tallyrand Music 1966
Oh Mary DiamondSongs 2004
On The Outside Looking In Sunbeam Music 1962
On The Robert E. Lee Stonebridge Music Gilbert Becaud 1980
On The Way To The Sky Stonebridge Music Carole Bayer Sager 1981