Song Written By Recorded By Year
Back In L.A. Stonebridge Music 1986
Ballad Of Silverman, The DiamondSongs 2001
Be Stonebridge Music 1973
Be Mine Tonight Stonebridge Music 1981
Beautiful Noise Stonebridge Music 1976
Best Years Of Our Lives, The Stonebridge Music 1988
Black And Blue (from Kickin' Myself) Trio Music Lieber/Stoller 1965
Blue Destiny Stonebridge Music 1962
Blue Highway DiamondSongs Harlan Perry Howard 1996
Boat That I Row, The Tallyrand Music 1966
Bobby Did American Metropolitan Enterprises of N.Y. Carl D'Errico 1964
Boy With The Green Eyes, The Monday Morning Music 1969
Broad Old Woman Stonebridge Music 1968
Brooklyn On A Saturday Night Stonebridge Music 1984
Brooklyn Roads Stonebridge Music 1968
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show Stonebridge Music 1969
But Only In Name Neil Leslie Diamond 1962
But That Was Yesterday Sunbeam Music 1962
Call Me His
Can Anybody Hear Me? DiamondSongs Bill LaBounty 1995
Canta Libre Prophet Music 1972
Captain Of A Shipwreck DiamondSongs 2005
Captain Sunshine Prophet Music 1972
Carmelita's Eyes Stonebridge Music David Foster 1988
Cherry, Cherry Tallyrand Music 1966
Childsong Prophet Music 1970
Clown Town Blackwood Music 1963
Coldwater Morning Prophet Music 1970
Comin' Apart Tallyrand Music 1966
Comin' Home Stonebridge Music 1982
Common Ground Stonebridge Music Tom Hensley; Alan Lindgren 1991
Courtin' Disaster Stonebridge Music David Foster 1988