Power Of Two, The

Was getting deeper into the night,
knew you weren’t coming home.
Nothing I was doing was right,
and now I’ve got to face it alone.
The night getting darker.
Baby the darker it got, struggled with why and what,
but I could not fight what I knew was true.
I was not gonna get through the night
without the power of two…
me and you.

Feeling like I’m out on a ledge,
standing with my back to the wall.
Used to be I’d go straight ahead,
now I’m going nowhere at all.
The night getting longer.
Baby the longer it went, just didn’t make any sense.
Couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, didn’t know what to do.
Was like I had no power at all
Without the power of two…
me and you.

I never knew before that two was more
than one and one until that night.
Was nothing I could do
but think of how I’m losing you, and
it shook me, it shocked me, you locked me out there.

Looking for a place I could hide,
searching for a corner to turn.
Left me here alone for one night,
showed me I had something to learn.
I tried not to need you, but I needed you anyway.
Wouldn’t be easy to say, but the way that I see it
I’m half without you, and I’m not gonna make myself whole
without the power of two…
me and you.

Morning couldn’t wait.
I knew that it was getting late, but I hung on.
I had no choice at all, was either walk away or crawl, and
I’m pleading, I’m bleeding.
I think I’m falling deeper into that hole,
deeper that I thought I could get.
Like a bug that’s stuck in a bowl climbing out’s impossible, yet
he keeps trying harder, harder than he thought he could.
I finally understood.
I could hear, I could see, and the truth came through.
We had ten times the power of one.
We had the power of two…
me and you.
Was nothing we couldn’t do,
just me and you.
We had the power of two.

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