I’m Nobody’s Fool

I know your kind,
you pick a girl then change your mind
and have a whirl.
Now the gals that you’ve kissed
say I’m next on your list,
uh, uh, baby, I’m nobody’s fool.
You’ve had your fun by telling lies,
and now you’ve come to claim this prize.
So, I’ll just set you right,
this here fish just won’t bite.
Uh, uh, baby, I’m nobody’s fool.
I’ve heard your ev’ry line, dear,
it’s the same old tune,
Don’t even waste your time here, baby,
I’m immune.
Just turn around,
be on your way,
don’t hang around
it doesn’t pay,
’cause I won’t take a chance
on a one way romance,
Uh, uh, baby, I’m nobody’s fool.

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