Home Before Dark

Home before dark
Before the night comes falling
The sun going down
And I can hear you calling

I followed my star
Just to be where you are
But I couldn’t get far
In the dark

Home before dark
Before the day deserts me
I look for my truth
Knowing the truth might hurt me
Been traveling light
Just ahead of the night
To be getting home right
Before dark

I’ve been searching
Can’t explain it
Look for reasons
For what I found in me

Know for certain
Things are changing
I’ve been changing
Now I need to be
Home where I can see

Home before dark
Before the light escapes me
To be at your side
That’s where the journey takes me

And I’ve been afraid
If I lost my way
That I wouldn’t be saved
Before dark

I’ve got stories
I wanna tell you
You need to hear them
Maybe then you’ll see
That I found them
Never knowing
They were going on inside of me
It’s where I had to be

Home before dark
Know you’ll be waiting for me
To be at your door
And talk until 4 in the morning

I’ve been so alone
In places unknown
But I knew I’d get home
Before dark
Because of you
I’d get home before dark

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