Face Me

When you look away from me
I feel the anger go straight to my head
Cause I’m feeling deceived
And it’s not what you say
But the way that you say it
I worry inside
Do you lie to me, lie to me?
What do you hide from me?
Face me

Face me
Need you to face me
Don’t have to turn away to say that
I’m the man you want to be with
Make me believe it
You know you’ve got my life just waiting in your hand
Don’t look away now
Face me and say how
You want me still

Love me
Need you to love me
Look right into my eyes
And I’ll believe it’s true
Don’t be uncertain
Pull back the curtain
Just say it right to me
So I’ll believe it too
Don’t have to sell me
Just need to tell me
You love me too

Some call it vain
Others say vanity
Comes from the heart
Not from the head
And it may be insane
What is insanity
If not a cry for the truth
To be truthfully told
Between you and me
Face me

Hold me
Reach out and hold me
Words aren’t strong enough
To catch me when I fall
They can’t sustain me
They can’t contain me
I want the truth so bad
That I’ll believe it all
And when you say it
Don’t you betray it
Don’t look away

Face me today
Face me today

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