A Modern Day Version Of Love

And the night was filled with laughter,
Echoing thru painted smiles.
And I know each morning after,
I never loved, was never touched,
Gave not at all, get back as much in
The comfort of a modern day version of love.

Julie, how I’ve cursed the sweet taste
Of lips that ask so much of me.
Still I wonder with every embrace,
Could I give and not break,
Should I care, and forsake all the
Comfort of a modern day version of love.

Close my eyes and keep on running,
Realize it isn’t gonna work any more for me,
Yeah. I’m afraid but maybe that’s something
Never cared enough to be afraid of anything
Before, not before.

Barefoot child on streets of cinder,
Sleeping child, the morning calls.
Pray for spring but face the winter.
Take the hand, taste the kiss, leave behind,
The emptiness and the comfort of
A modern day version of love.

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