A Good Kind Of Lonely

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When, we say goodnight
I get to feelin’ blue, uh huh huh
I’m lonely when you leave me all alone, yeah
But in my heart I know, uh huh huh
That you’ll be back (or by) and so, uh huh huh
I may be blue but it’s a, oh oh oh yeah,
A good kind of lonely

I’m the happiest
When you’re by my side, uh huh huh
But there are times when we must be apart, ooh
Then, I just ‘a think of when, uh huh huh
You’ll hold me close again, uh huh huh
And I’m not sad ’cause it’s a, oh oh oh yeah
A good kind of lonely

A bad kind of lonely is the kind that you have
When love says goodbye
Turns your heart inside out, makes you wanna die, ooh
But, as long as I have you,
I know I won’t be blue, uh huh huh
For, you make me happy just by bein’ around, oh yeah

And when you go away
I’ll never be afraid, uh huh huh
I know you’ll leave me with a, oh oh oh yeah
A good kind of lonely
A good kind of lonely