You Change Like Seasons.

In 1958 you asked Jaye if she could “Hear Them Bells”.In 1962 you were one of the “Ten Lonley Guys”.In 1963 sadly you were sent of to “Clown Town”.In 1964 you were a “Starw In The Wind”.In 1966 you met Melinda she was not ture and nelier was Sue and then you met Cherry she was yours in tell 1969 you met “Sweet Caroline” and “Hurtinn’ didn’t come easy”.In 1970 you were “The Lion Belloing out in the night”.In 1972 you met a girl who was “Crying in her Pretzels” and you made her feel beter.In 1974 you got the lady doinn’ the”Regge Sturt” and the lady did okay.In 1976 you made a “Beutiful Noise”.1977 you were a “Free Man in Paris” and while you were there you met the desirebel “Desiree”.In 1978 Babs “Bring you flowers anymore”. In 1980 you were “The Jazzs Singer”. In 1986 you were “Headed for the future”. And in 2001 you were on a”Mission of love” Oh yeah!!!!!!! (age 9)

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