Why I’m STILL a Neil Diamond Fan

Despite misunderstandings
Which hurt until I cry
I’ll always love Neil Diamond
Until the day I die.

His words have always touched me
Like no one else’s can
He soothes me with his music
And seems to understand.

That those who hear his music
Need comforting and care
And when I feel disheartened
He is always there.

They say it is the music, not the man
That’s what it’s all about
But it’s impossible to separate the two
I know without a doubt.

For intertwined with the tune and the words
Is his gentle spirit and soul
He opens himself just like a book
For his audience to know.

Yes, sometimes life just gets me down
When people are thoughtless and unkind
But when I think of Neil’s soothing words
I just don’t seem to mind.

So thank you, Neil, for though life is unfair
And sometime I feel blue
I can always turn on my stereo
Kick back, and listen to you.

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