To The Hurting One

I know you are hurting, inside you are ravaged
You’ve been torn
You’ve been savaged
Been left bleeding to die
Does no one hear your cry?
You know more of evil than anyone should
If he could help you
I’m sure that he would
But he’s no avenging angel
He’s only a man, and he does what he can
But he’s only a man

I know how it soothes you
That voice, how it woos you
Soft and low with tenderness
Gentle with the remembrance
Of his own searching, his own pain
You can hide in that voice
But only for a while
Then the pain returns
The evil returns
And the fear of it gnaws you
And the shame of it burns
As it turns in your soul, boring a hole
That drains out the light and lets in the night
‘Cause he’s only a man
He does what he can
But he’s only a man

But his voice after all is Brother Love’s voice
Proclaiming the way to make the right choice:
‘Reach out your hand to the Man up There?’
Only He can heal your heart
Only He can take your care
He knows what it is to be stripped
To be pierced, to have bled
To be violated and left for dead
Flee to His arms where no demons can reach you
Cry out His name, read His Word
It will teach you
To hear that other still, small voice
Of the Man who was more than a man
Take His hand
Take His hand

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