The Singer Sings His Song

The Singer Sings His Song
by Janet Maloney

Every time you hear that voice, you know it;
Know its sound the moment that he starts
Singing songs of life that you love hearing,
Coming from his soul to fill your heart.

Often you have wondered how he does it,
Writing in a style that’s all his own,
And yet saying things that you’ve been feeling,
Writing words as if to you alone.

Something in his voice is so compelling,
Something strong and beautiful and true;
Makes you simply want to stop and listen;
Can’t deny the way it touches you.

More than just a very special singer,
More than just a writer of great songs,
On a concert stage, he’s truly awesome,
Showing how completely he belongs.

Sometimes with a song he’ll set you dancing;
Other times you’ll feel like you can fly;
He’ll do songs you can’t help singing with him
And some songs that simply make you sigh…

Soft, romantic songs that start you dreaming
Late at night as you lie in your bed,
Hoping all your dreams may find fulfillment
In the new day that lies just ahead.

But if it should turn out dark and cloudy,
Still the sun will seem to come to you
As his music helps you keep on smiling
Through the daily tasks you have to do.

Makes you glad to be alive and hearing
Songs that tell the story of his life;
Does he understand how much they give us…?
Songs that soothe our pain and ease our strife.

Nothing in the world quite like that music,
Timeless in its message and its style,
Reaching those who hear it for the first time
Just like those who’ve known it quite a while.

No way we can measure all it gives us
As it works its wonders in our hearts;
All that we can do is just be greatful
For the world of pleasure it imparts.

And as surely as it gives us memories
Of the good times we have left behind,
It can make us look toward the future
To the good things we have yet to find.

Best of all, we know his music helps us
Give expression to the love we feel;
When the words we want to say elude us,
Music finds the way to say it’s real.

Everybody knows that it’s important
Hearing words at times like, “I love you”,
So we look to someone who can say them
In the way we need somebody to.

As he sings so simply and so sweetly
Songs of starry nights and dreams come true,
Songs that weave a very special magic
Always touching me and touching you,

From that place deep in your soul he reaches,
Listen as the singer sings his song;
Listen, and you know he is the greatest –
Neil, may you forever sing it strong!

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