The Lure

Your voice first captured my heart,
continued to lure, gently compelling.
Each time my ears heard it,
my heart stood still.

When my eyes first gazed into yours,
watching your lips singing your tune.
A sense of overwhelming peace
claimed the path to my spirit.

From the moment your tune begins
and you start to sing the words.
You slowly seep into my soul,
my heart and mind give in.

It matters not what tune is played,
nor how the words are used.
It is your voice, you see,
that burrows so deeply.

Your voice continues touching each nerve,
your eyes gently caressing my heart.
Once more, I happily surrender
free of pain, sorrow and worry.

No single word exists
that can explain the gift
you have of filling a void
with love and happiness.

But all who know you and your tunes
share the warmth of each moment.
Never questioning, but understanding
why…..each time — I am yours.

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