The Harkening

I harken to the words, I harken to the words,
the harkening of Brother Love,
the singer who sings his song.

Not in a cold voice, but a earthy world-worn voice,
the voice that sooths the night like a precious fog.

But the voice tonight is not at peace,
vengeance and wrath replace the ease,
a beautiful and vengeful beast:

Neil Diamond is the Vindicator.

His sword raised high, he decimates his enemies.
His songs of love replaced but a shrieking battle cry.
The dragons flee, the dust flies like fire from his mane.
“I harken ye, mine enemies to die!”

And die they may, die they might,
a slashing of tendons, a perilous fight,
a screech of ungodly beast in flight,
Neil Diamond rules this night.
Neil Diamond rules, this night.

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