The Diamond In My Dreams

Through the years a standard you set.
To yourself be true and never forget.
Through it all to your fans you’ve been true.
As in your music an inner beauty shines through.
Over the years I watched with fascination,
as together your music and life became.
And because of you, I realized,
my life would never be the same.
I saw you accomplish what many said,
could not be done.
And knew in my heart it could not all,
have been fun.
But I loved you all the more,
for doing the impossible.
And proving to the world,
anything is possible.
You take the inevitable and turn it around.
As in this world you create your own sound.
Thank you for sharing your life and music with me.
And opening my eyes so I could see.
You inspired my poetry,
and my drawings too.
They never would have happened without you.
For anything is possible,
dreams can come true.
And this I believe,
because of you.

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