Secret Lair

There is a place I go to hide,
I call my Secret Lair.
A special place, that none will find
I call my Secret Lair.
It is when I listen to His music too,
“Soolaimon” or “Song Sung Blue”,
that I escape to this place:
My Secret Lair.

No one can assault me,
No one can rape me,
No one can touch me,
No one can invade me,
In my Secret Lair.

Those who try to invade,
Will be dismayed,
For Neil will rescue me.
He has a broadsword on his back,
He is ready for the attack
only Neil can set me free.
From my Secret Lair.

A thousand flaming arrows are
no match for his might,
Neil Diamond, my warrior of
the night.
He rides high on a falcon’s wings,
Fear to my enemies he brings
when he sings…
his Longfellow Serenade.
And I wonder, Neil, what promises
have you made?
To save me,
from my Secret Lair.

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