Our Common Humanity

Some chant Hare Krishna
And other’s say “amen”
While some praise Mohammed
And some meditate with Zen.

Still other’s read the Torah
And some say Hail Mary
Some light their mennorah
Some count their rosary.

Some celebrate the Savior
While other’s their deceased
Some pray for kingdom come
And that it shall increase.

Some believe in reincarnation
And other’s hope for Heaven.
Some believe in nothing
Other’s a lucky seven.

Some have Christmas trees
And some have Santa Claus
But while we are so different
We are the same because…

We all have “sweated beneath the same sun,
looked up in wonder at the same moon
And wept when it was all done.”

“For being done too soon
For being done too soon.”

By Shirley Jackson

(words in parentheses by Neil Diamond)

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