Ode To Neil

Can anybody hear me? If you know what I mean,

I Am I Said, forever In Blue Jeans

Wish everything was alright, Surviving the life

Reminisce for a while, The story of my life

Play me, Lady Oh, Red, Red Wine

Kentucky Woman or Sweet Caroline?

Cherry, Cherry, All I really need is you

I’m a believer, Hooked on the memory of you

I’ve been this way before, You got to me

Gold don’t rust, Marry me

Don’t look down, Lonely looking sky

I’ve been this way before, Blue highway

If I could’t see you again, Long hard climb

Take care of me, Everything’s gonna be fine

I believe in happy endings, Like you do

I’ve got the feeling (oh no no) Song sung blue

Solitary man, And the singer sings his songs,

Brother Love’s traveling salvation show, Soolaimon

Love on the rocks? Hello again

Headed for the future, Lady Magdalene

The boat that I row, On the Robert E Lee

Thank the Lord for the night time, Cracklin’ Rosie

Beautiful noise, Back in L.A.

Girl, you’ll be a woman soon, Desiree

These are the songs, to name but a few

That make us love the things you do

Some make us happy, some make us sad

Some make us think a lot, others make us glad

So remember Mr. Diamond

Even when your work is done

To each and every one of us

You are “My Special Someone”

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