Neil Diamond-Mender or Maker of Broken Hearts?

Neil Diamond – Mender or Maker of Broken Hearts?

When we were young we used to dream of days of yet to be
Our dreams were tied like ribbons to things we could not see
We went to movie shows and saw an actor on the screen
And hoped that someday we would meet and marry one like him.

We went to concerts and we heard the love songs oh so sweet
We knew that we would soon become a woman and would meet
The man who will set out hearts afire with charm and stunning looks
But somehow in our youthful minds we foolishly mistook.

The man upon the stage for the man we needed so
And since we couldn’t have him, we went to every show
And tried so many times to be as near him as we could
But that was not to be, though we never understood.

Oh yes, for some a man would come into their lives but then,
He never really stole our hearts and then he left again
How could he ever make the grade, how could he ere compete
With our idol, Neil Diamond, the man we’d never meet?

And so we go along our way, our hearts still filled with desire
And longing expectation as we watch him from afar
The world is filled with many things, but they all pass us by.
We have become the “Diamond Girls” always following a star.

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