Memories Of July 21, 2002

The house lights slowly dim, the stage a blue glow

The hush is replaced by a murmur of anticipation

Are we really here at last, is this the show

Is the tension that we feel, the tension of a nation

There are so many people sitting in here

In this cavernous concert venue

Thousands have made the pilgrimage

To hear the singer’s song, both old and new

The overture begins at last

And we see movement on the stage

Musicians starting to appear

Of varied size and age

And then the floor below us

Rises high above the stage

And there he stands before us

Magnificent with age

The opening bars of America

Bring us all onto our feet

He sings “Far, we’ve been traveling far”

It really sounds so sweet

And then we’re all aboard the train

There is no stopping now

A roller coaster ride of songs

We help to sing and how

When Neil is really rocking

The audience rocks too

The love songs and the ballads

They really are our cue

To sit back down and listen

To the master and his voice

Uplifting us with music

In which we can rejoice

Too soon it is all over

No wait he’s coming back

An encore, this is what we need

Then gone, the stage is once more black

Mixed emotions everywhere

Some happy and some sad

Most feeling privileged to be there

All feeling very glad

That once again the maestro

Has performed his work for us

Hey round the back, c’mon let’s go

Let’s watch them board the bus

And as the transport disappears

Emptiness again prevails

His music ringing in our ears

His music never fails

And memories are all we have

But hey, remember this

A member of our party

Stole that very precious kiss

The souvenirs we bought to wear

The bear that Neil gave

The way the hats cover our hair

The frog king is my fave

No photo’s of the kiss alas

No video though we know

That one of Neil’s entourage

Filmed that part of the show

It made us local celebrities

Newspaper reports and all

We’re very proud and lucky

It makes us stand so tall

So thank you Neil for all you give

Your music, words and song

We hope you come back very soon

Please don’t make us wait too long

Now we return to tribute shows

Performing them as Neil

Trying hard to capture

The look, the sound, the feel

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