Lonely moments, intense at times,
seem to linger far too long.
They come without warning,
leaving unanswered doubts.

They hit hard and hurt so deeply.
What triggers them remains hidden,
even from me.
For they share no clues.

They give way only to the songs,
mystifyingly profound.
As they play, loneliness disappears
replaced with a feeling of warmth.

Explanations are not needed.
But, understanding the loneliness
comes with the words
being sung so effortlessly.

His music offers a cushion of love
with a dash of comfort.
Bringing a melody to match
whatever mood is filling my mind.

Each song fills a different need
with the missing ingredient.
Soon the loneliness is pushed aside
substituted with pleasant memories.

And life goes on again – until the next time.
September 2004 ?

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