Little Brown Moth(a fan story)

I saw a moth the other day
She came from the dark
To the light to play
She fluttered happily about
But the light she sought
Soon went out.

Not for her the coloured wings
The blues and golds and sunny things
Scented flowers in fragrant repose
With secrets kept
Like bells and toes
She looked for their sins
But they had not any
But what they had
Was a golden penny.

So the weary moth got up from the floor
Got up from the dark
And found the door
For the sound of the sweetest
Music came
And sent away the clouds and rain
The music filled her with delight
She forgot the dust of life:s long fight
Her wings again all velvety brown
Covered with softness and orange down
She flew in the sunlight
Bright with many
Who didn;t need a golden penny.

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