Its You Neil

Could It Be You?

For me, you’re like
The candy I can’t have
The lips that I can’t kiss
The body I can’t press myself against.
I am a daytime dreamer
There’s a man who pulls me through..
Could it be you?

What kind of man writes like you
And makes a woman crave your kiss,
I miss them even though I’ll never know…

And feel the urge and long for two..
Two people strong..Could it be you?

What kind of a woman can love a man
She has never touched or held his hand.
Or caught his eye and gazed inside
As lovers do, Could he be you?

I need to find a way
To tell you how I love,
Little things we do alone
I’d whisper in your ear.
And every day I’d tell you
If you were close enough to hear.

A little pounding…my heart beats fast, You’re standing in front of me
Can it be? In front of me?
A stage.. a gradious entrance
A song straight from your heart
Your lips part and say my name…
I can’t move and I can’t speak..I’m weak.

I think its you!

Linda Porta

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