It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and the sun is beating down
Unusual for this time of year I know
But let’s enjoy the sunshine while we can
It wasn’t that long ago that we had snow

The sunshine lifts your spirits, feel them soar
The weight lifts from your shoulders as you gaze
The future somehow seems more bright, more sure
Thank God for each and every sunny day.

I noticed too, the countryside looks green
No, not just any old green but very, very bright
Spring must have well and truly sprung
I would have missed it had it not been such a sight

So forget all of your troubles for a day
Look out your window on a world that’s fresh and new
We all have miseries and burdens to bear
But for a change, forget them for a day or two

And looking round and seeing with fresh eyes
Take in the vision, see and make it stick
And then I’ll bet you’ll realise
That the world is much, much better than you think

The only things that’s missing is a tune
Something that’s as uplifting as the sun
A song about the good things would be a boon
One that makes you feel good as it’s sung

Now who can we turn to for this inspiration
A song that will lift our spirits and bond
Our new found hope and higher expectation
Well how about a song from Neil Diamond

He seems to get it right , time after time
Each new release enthralling all it can
The tune, the words, the rhythm and the rhyme
Not bad for a Solitary Man

copyright Robert Leslie 2003

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